Looking For A Healthy Alternative To Smoking

ecigWe all know smoking damages our lungs, and is harmful to the body. Even knowing this isn’t enough, we still crave nicotine. So, just how are we going to live a healthy, active lifestyle without craving the nicotine we knows going to kill us? There is one solution that’s widely available. A lot of people have found that an E cig is the perfect solution to there smoking problem.

What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes health wise? With electronic cigarettes you’re no longer exposing your body to smoke. Smoke acts like a carcinogen in the body, which means it causes cancer. The water vapor that e cigarettes produce instead of smoke isn’t a carcinogen so you wont have any of the nasty health effects that cigarette smoking can cause.

You won’t smell like cigarettes after smoking an E cig either. This is because they don’t contain tobacco. They only contain the drug that’s in tobacco called nicotine. Nicotine can be odorless when it’s derived from the plant without the leaves. Ever wonder why you weren’t chosen for that job, last time you had an interview? It’s probably because they smelled cigarettes on your breath. Like it or not, employers do judge people for smoking.

A lot of people don’t realize how many forums of cancer cigarettes can lead to. People who smoke may find themselves with stomach cancer, or even testicular cancer. That’s because it’s not only the smoke that causes our cells to get confused. It’s also the thousands of chemicals that are in each cigarette. These are chemicals that aren’t found in electrical ones.

Would you like to be able to smoke anywhere? We all find it a huge inconvenience not to be able to smoke because were not outside. It can be such a massive waste of time, having to find a way out of the building, and then looking for a smoking area. When you use an electronic cigarette you are using something that isn’t offensive to the senses. People won’t normally mind if you take a few puffs of one that’s electric because it won’t produce an odor that they could polluting or unpleasant.

The cartridges for electronic cigarettes are reasonably priced. They also last a good, long while. You won’t have to worry about replacing them as often as you would have to replace a pack of cigarettes. This is very good for those of us that are tired of wasting money on our addiction. It’ll also save money on other things you might need to enjoy smoking, like lighters.

You should always consider moderation when using anything. To much nicotine is never a good thing. This is a great way to smoke without risking your health though. Make sure you never chew nicotine gum at the same time you are using an electronic cigarette. This has led to nicotine overdoses in some people.

You can smoke an electronic cigarette with the intention of quitting. Just make sure you keep getting cartridges with lower levels of nicotine so you can slowly wen yourself off. You should also only smoke enough to satisfy a craving if you really have the intention of eventually quitting.

I hope you enjoy your electronic cigarette. Most of all, I hope you get a lot of positive attention for finally taking this step towards good health. You’ll notice how much healthier you feel right away, and you wont have to deal with your addiction. The best part is not dealing with the judging eyes when you finally enjoy your nicotine break though! I hope you love your e cig!

Electronic Cigarettes UK – Salvation For Heavy Tobacco Smokers?

e-cigs-e-liquidWhile electronic cigarettes might not be your idea of real tobacco smoke, the truth is that electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more the in-thing these days, and if you don’t believe us, you only need to search on Google or any other search engine for “electronic cigarettes UK” to know that there are many online specialty stores out there that sell nothing else but electronic cigarettes. But what makes electronic cigarettes so special? Read below to know.

Probably the first thing that makes e-cigs so special is the fact that they’re cheaper to smoke than regular cigarettes. The average smoker in Briton actually spends 200GBP in cigarettes per month. If you’re earning just a little over 2,000GBP it is a lot of money. Electronic cigarettes, meanwhile, cost only 60 to 70GBP for the same amount of smoke. If that doesn’t sound like you can save money by switching to e-cigs, we don’t know what will.

Anyway, just so you know, you will need to buy a high-quality starter pack if you want to enjoy that kind of savings. E-cigarette starter packs are priced between 30 to 200GBP. Most e-cig smokers will agree that the cheap packs are a waste of money, while packs in 60 to 80GBP are priced just about right. If you want to know which brands are really good, you should search online for forums and discussions on which brands of electronic cigarettes are good. If you don’t know how, just search on Google or any other search engine for “electronic cigarettes forums” or “which electronic cigarettes are best”.

Apart from the price, however, e-cigs are gaining in popularity because they are perceived to pose a lesser risk to your health. How? For starters, they do NOT contain any tar. Other than that, however, e-cig cartridges come in different strengths of nicotine. Some contain a higher dose, others just about the same, and then there are cartridges that contain little or no nicotine at all. If you’re going to buy them for health reasons, make sure you go for cartridges with little or no nicotine at all.

How do electronic cigarettes work? They work like regular cigarettes, you puff them and enjoy. However, inside is where all the magic happens. An electronic cigarette stick has three parts: battery, vaporizer, and cartridge. The cartridge contains the flavor and the e-liquid nicotine, while the vaporizer is what turns the cartridge’s contents into vapor that you can smoke. The battery, of course , is what powers the vaporizer.

Not all electronic cigarette are created alike, and there are those that have a stronger vaporizer to give you a fuller smoking experience. Can anything go wrong when you smoke e-cigs? Well, there is. Scientists actually haven’t studied yet how smoking vaporized liquid nicotine can affect your health and if they’re any worse or better than the nicotine in tobacco smokes. If you’re going to take up the electronic smoking habit, do it in moderation.

What Are The Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes Over Regular Cigarettes?

E-LiquidIf you’re smoking electronic cigarettes, you might think they’re just fancy items that you smoke, but did you know that electronic cigarettes actually have some major advantages over regular tobacco cigarettes? In this article, we will tell you about some of the advantages of e cigs.

1. Savings in the price of your smoke

Did you know that the average tobacco smoker spends about $200 in cigarettes per month? When you smoke electronic cigarettes, the price actually goes down to $60 to $70 per month when you’re smoking cartridges. If that doesn’t sound like a lot of savings to you, we don’t know what will. Of course, if you’re going to have that kind of savings, you need to make sure you’re buying an e cig starter pack that will last long.

In our experience, starter packs that cost between $20 to $30 are just a waste of money while those that cost over $100 are too expensive. Between $60 to $80 is just about the right price for a starter pack.

2. Less nicotine

While they’re not necessarily good for your health, electronic cigarettes are at least NOT THAT BAD for your health in the sense that you can buy cartridges that have a lower nicotine content than regular tobacco smokes. But here’s one caveat: it’s not yet know how smoking liquid nicotine can affect your health as there have been no conclusive studies yet on the subject.

Also, health experts take issue with manufacturers for not disclosing on their labels what actually goes into the cartridges aside from the liquid nicotine. If you’re going to smoke e-cigs because you want to lessen the risk of you contracting cancer and other smoking-related conditions, make sure you use cartridges that have lower nicotine content.

3. Varied flavors

Just like hookahs, electronic cigarettes come in different fun flavors. While tobacco flavor is already a given, did you know that you can also smoke fruit flavors as well as cinnamon and vanilla? In all, it would seem that owning an electronic cigarette is like having your own hookah in your pocket. (If you’re interested, there are actually e-cigs that are shaped like mini hookah pipes.)
Just like any other popular product, electronic cigarettes come in different brands and in terms of quality, not all of them are created alike. That said, before you buy an e-cigarette, make sure you research on which brands are good. Check out reviews by real users then you can opt to buy one or several brands of starter kits. Starter kits come with a battery charger pack, cartridges and then electronic cigarette itself.

If you’re wondering how an electronic cigarette works, you need to understand its three parts: the battery, the vaporizer and the cartridges. The cartridges contain the flavor and the liquid nicotine, while the vaporizer turns the liquid into vapor you can smoke. Of course,the battery is what powers everything. E-cigs are not regulated and thus you can buy them freely online, although they’re not free.